We are proud to be one of the only plant shops offering repotting services, plant maintenance services as well as consultation services for your home or place of business.


We charge a small service fee per plant depending on what size container the plant is being repotted into + the cost of soil. $1 per inch of the new container.

9" pot and down —

$10 service fee plus $5 per additional plant being serviced.

10"pot and up —

$20 service fee plus $10 per additional plant being serviced.

We specialize in indoor houseplants.

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Ideal for a commercial or residential space in need of some greenery. Consultations are typically 1 hour long and consist of a TLS team member going to the location, assessing light levels, showing clients plants that would thrive in that environment, educating the customer on how to properly take care of the plants, creating a budget and ordering plants.

Cost: $75 ($25 goes towards a credit to purchase plants).


Our ceramic arrangements are a thoughtful gift for any occasion. The plants in our arrangements always vary just as the ceramic pots they come in. But you can expect to see Philodendron Varieties, Dragon Trees, Butterfly Syngonium, Parlor Palms, Calathea Varieties and Peace Lilies.

All ceramic arrangement orders come with a personalized hand written note. We do ask that if you place your order a least one week in advance of the time you need it delivered by.

Cost: $32.15- $106.08


Ideal for plant parents who are going out of town or too busy to keep up with plant maintenance. Plant sitting consists of a TLS team member going to the location, checking on all of your plants, watering as needed.

Cost: $25 per visit