About The Little Shop

We made our debut in 2020 as an Online/Pop-Up plant shop. Because of the support we received we were able to get our first brick and mortar shop in 2021. We specialize in all things houseplants. When you are here you can expect to find the perfect plant and pot combo as well as other fun gifts & home decor. We are excited to grow in our new space and look forward to finding the best ways we can serve our community.

Thank You For Shopping Little!

Meet the Owner


My name is Anna-Marie Ortiz! I’m the owner here at The Little Shop. ⁣
I got my first plant when I moved into my KC apartment back in 2016. My dad got me a Pothos plant from Lowe’s. I named him Henry and I still have him to this day! He told me to start off with just one plant and if I could keep it alive then I could get more. Sure enough, I kept ole Henry alive and now I have somewhere around 50 plants in my small 2 bedroom home. ⁣

To put it simply, plants bring me so much joy. I love finding them, repotting them, caring for them and watching them grow everyday. ⁣

Before TLS, I dabbled in the tech space. I owned a small tech start up that I worked on for 3+ years of my life. Tech introduced me to so many amazing people and took me to so many neat places.

Business has always come naturally to me but finding something I love enough to start a business around has always been the challenging part. Plants have definitely become that passion for me. The thing that brings me the utmost joy. I love my little shop and I'm so happy to be able to share it with my community. 🌵

- Anna-Marie Ortiz